Discussion on Pain Doctors, Their Specializations, Pain Management Methods

Pain doctors or pain specialists, specializes in pain medicine. Pain medicine is a medical speciality which focuses on the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment as well as prevention of pain.

Pain doctors specialize in pain management. Pain can be a symptom of a disease. The pain specialists treat patients suffering from pain related to causes like injury, pain due to cancers, postoperative pain. The professionals also treat patients who are suffering from pain as a primary condition like neuropathic pain, headaches.

Specialists in pain management act as consultants to health care providers, physicians. The professionals help to coordinate patient care, diagnose the different conditions for pain and provide necessary treatment, counsel patients as well as their families. Pain doctors perform in different settings like hospitals, private practices as well as pain clinics.

In many cases, pain that is associated with injuries, medical conditions or specific diseases are treated by the physician who does not have separate credentials about pain management. These medical professionals are skilled in multiple pain treatment methods.

Pain Doctors and their Specializations

Pain doctors require specializing in any one of the following areas:


Back and neck pain


Cancer pain

Chronic pain

Dystrophy (RSD)



Neuropathic pain

Palliative care

Pelvic pain

The pain doctors focus on the study of pain. There are many websites available online that offers patients services of top specialists in pain management. Visit the website of The Pain Relief Center and you can know the services offered by the pain doctors.

Pain Management

In the context of pain management it is relevant to say that the pain doctors use a number of techniques to detect and treat pain disorders. Evaluation of pain often involves taking a personal or family medical history. Evaluation of pain also involves assessing the lifestyle of the patient, the person’s level of activity and it also involves reviewing prior tests. Such tests include imaging tests, blood tests, electro diagnostic studies.

Methods Used to Relieve Pain

Treatment for pain depends on the cause of pain. The treatments are aimed to diminish pain. Some treatments are designed to aid the patients manage their pain.

The methods that are used to relieve pain are mentioned as follows:-

Implantable devices (e.g., stimulators, pumps)


Injections (e.g., corticosteroids)

Nerve blocks

Physical therapy (also known as occupational therapy, recreational therapy)

Trigger point injections

Surgery (e.g., joint replacement, peripheral nerve surgery, spinal surgery)

In many instances, pain management specialists use complementary methods like biofeedback, hypnosis, relaxation, meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy, acupuncture) to help patients manage pain.

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