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Attention deficiency is considered as one of the major causes with which a considerable percentage of global population is suffering. People who suffer from ADHD find it hard to focus on their personal and professional life. Furthermore, patients suffering from attention deficiency and hyperactivity disorder deal with mood swings, aggression, boredom, lack of concentration at work etc. Reportedly, ADHD is common in children and in young adults.

Where you can find a genuine drug for ADHD?

If you have a loved one who is diagnosed with similar mental ailment and want to take medication in this regard then it is advised to log on to RXShopMD. With the help of online medication shop, you will be able to learn about proper precautions for medication and required drug usage. With the proper usage of the drug, the symptoms of the disease can easily be alleviated and a person can get relief from pain.

It is recommended to take proper dosage of Strattera, after taking thorough consultation from your doctor. It is advised to take the drug in the morning, but you can also consume the drug by splitting in half if your body can’t tolerate whole dosage at a time. If you are availing the drug for your child then it is advised to make him or her consume it according to the body weight.

Appropriate drug usage

You are advised to give Atomoxetine around half mg, if the body weight of your child is less than 155 lbs. With time you are advised to increase the quantity of the drug. The quantity of the drug can easily be raised to 1.2 mg per kilo of the body weight of your child. Furthermore, you are required to give 40 mg of the drug if the weight of your child is greater than 155 lbs. it is safe to give 100 mg of drug to a child whose body weight is greater than 70 kilograms.

Mandatory precautions along with the drug

Before you give the medication to your child, it is advised to get a proper cardio vascular check and consult your doctor. It is also advised to get a thorough check up for heart rate and blood pressure whenever the dosage of the drug is increased as it will give a through report about body’s drug tolerance ability. When a person takes the medication, it is required not to crush the drug as the components can cause severe irritation in the eyes.

If the contents of the drug comes in contact with the eyes, rinse them thoroughly and take assistance from your doctor. Furthermore, care should be taken when you are using the drug along with medications which cause constriction o blood vessels as it could cause immediate rise in the blood pressure.

It is also advised not to give the drug to a lactating mother as the drug has tendency to pass on through mother’s milk to the child. People who are suffering from severe glaucoma, cardiomyopathy and arrhythmias should take thorough consultation from their doctor before taking the drug.

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